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“Stronger U Fitness is built on you, the client. It is my job to know how to best meet your wellness needs. “Strong” represents something different for each of my clients. Whether it be living a pain-free life, weight loss, or intensifying a fitness regime, I am here to help you define and reach the strength you desire. Stronger U Fitness builds a stronger you by transforming your body and your life.”

Will you be the next Stronger U Fitness Success story?


Linda Goeppinger: Linda Goeppinger “When Kris first told me about the [Stronger U] Challenge I was excited to join. I have lost a considerable amount of weight in the last two years, but noticed there were some old (bad) habits creeping back into my daily pattern. The challenge gave me a structure to fight these habits back into submission. It brought them back into my awareness so I was ready for them before rather than after the fact. My goal was to meet the weekly challenges resulting in an overall awareness renewal rather than to lose a certain amount of weight. During the next challenge, I will continue to challenge the old habits. I know eventually they will dissolve complete and I will be free. Thank you Kris for your input and encouragement!”

Pete Grintals Pete Grintals In 2009, Pete suffered a couple of TIA’s (silent strokes) and was told he’d have to change his lifestyle. Scared of suffering a stroke, he put off exercising and couldn’t face the thought of giving up the things he loved. After experiencing a full stroke in 2010, Pete was told that his right carotid artery was completely blocked and that if he didn’t change his lifestyle, the next stroke would take his ability to walk. Though he suffered weakness in his left side and lost some dexterity in his left hand, Pete was told that he was lucky to be in the state that he was. In the Fall of 2011, he finally decided to stop procrastinating and start an exercise routine. Together, Pete and I worked out a plan to help him get his cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure to healthier numbers, re-strengthen his weaker side, and deal with excess body fat; all of this without having to commit more at home than he was currently ready to do. In 8 months of training, Pete has managed to lower his body fat almost 11%, losing over 24 pounds of fat and gaining 13 pounds of muscle. His doctor even congratulated him for a 100 point drop in triglycerides after his most recent blood work was completed. He’s lost 18 inches throughout his body and is getting noticed at work for wearing fitted shirts! Pete has progressed into advanced barbell training, almost completely balancing out the strength in both sides. He typically burns around 500 calories per session. Pete says overall through training he is feeling better than ever. He’s amazed at how much energy he has after a workout, when he would be completely fatigued by exertion before he started training. He says he isn’t self-conscious about his gut or how he looks in his clothing. But best of all, he says he’s doing long days of work in the yard that last year would have left his hand feeling arthritic and curled in on itself. Now working with his hand leaves it feeling stronger and more dexterous. Pete is living proof that you don’t have to do everything perfectly to live a healthy life. But with enough heart, determination and a great attitude you can make changes that keep you living the life you want for yourself!

Grace Sjoberg: Grace Sjoberg “I came to Kris for weight loss but in being with her for 3 years or more I can finally say I found the missing link in myself. She has taught me so much and not just about weight but once you can finally find your balance the weight comes off. I’ve gained so much from training and the only regret I have is not finding Kris sooner. I owe so much to Kris and I can never repay her for all she has done!! Thank You Kris!!”

Randy Ammermann Randy Ammermann Randy Ammermann was diagnosed in the Fall of 2011 with Type 2 Diabetes, and decided it was time to bring his health back. He began attending classes, learning how to buy and prepare foods as well as eat healthy portion sizes. In January, Randy began training sessions, setting high goals of 3000 calories of exercise per week right away. In less than three months of consistent exercising, Randy lost 15 pounds, (25 pounds of fat), 8% body fat, 2 inches off his waist, and is keeping his blood sugar under 100mg/dL. He’s still bringing these numbers down. Randy says he enjoys training because it “helps keep him motivated and he’s learning the right way to do things.” Randy’s wife says he has so much more energy that he’s constantly getting more work done around the house and he’s actually asking her to add vegetables into his foods! Randy is determined to meet his personal goals and hopes to start running 5K’s soon. His perseverance is an inspiration.  

Peggy Kamish: Peggy Kamish Kris’s skill, knowledge and intuitive dedication have positively changed my quality of life: At 62, I was in constant pain with various diagnosed ailments: Osteoporosis, Spondylolisthesis, sciatic pain and shoulder impingement. Previous experience with other trainers and Chiropractic care yielded no results. Kris started working with me to build targeted muscle groups, increase my flexibility and decrease body fat. The result has been amazing. The aches, pains and discomfort I lived with for so many years have all but disappeared. Kris is an extraordinary trainer and motivator for personal wellness!”

Tiffany Payne: Tiffany Payne Tiffany first met with me prior to the holidays, hoping to ascertain whether I could help her lose her baby weight. A new mother of an 8lbs, 2oz baby boy, Tiffany was balancing her return to work with breast-feeding, mothering, being a wife and all the things that come with being a first-time mommy. We decided that because she was comfortable with her understanding of exercise, she and I would work together on nutrition training. Tiffany weighed in on January 2 of this year at 147.5. She began nutrition training that week, realizing that balance, planning and finding proactive ways to limit negative health inputs in her life were the areas that she most wanted to focus on. In 3.5 months, Tiffany lost 20.5 pounds, over 7% body fat, almost 11 inches and dialed in her personal eating plan! She’s now training for a couple of triathlons this summer. Tiffany says the following of the sustainability of her training: “I feel that I’ve gained an understanding of how to fuel my body. Thinking of my body as an engine that needs the right fuel to run efficiently changed the way I started to view foods. I can certainly eat a piece of cake, but how will I feel in 10-15 minutes, then an hour later? Is the cake still worth it? Maybe today it is, but not every day. Also, Avocados are green and technically a fruit. I cannot count them as either fruit or veggie but a healthy fat. Darn.” Kudos, Mommy. You prove to us that a busy schedule doesn’t have to get in the way of achieving your goals!

Video Testimonials

“I came with severe back pain and facing surgery. I have tried physical therapy and injections in my back with no success, so as a last resort I decided to try a personal trainer. Kris has made all the difference in my life. Kris’s program has met me at the level I am at. I’m getting stronger every day.” -MR

“Kris’s ability to analyze my problems has led me through a series of expertly crafted progressions of strength training, stretching-flexibility, yoga moves, balancing skills, cross training and nutritional help. Every workout is designed to push me just at the right pace… I always leave tired, refreshed and feeling I can’t wait to come back!” -JA

“I am learning to eat right. It has been hard but I can see and feel the benefits from eating less crap and eating more healthy food. The stretching is also helping. I feel a little more flexible and I know why certain body areas hurt. I have also had to buy a new belt and that made me happy.” -DJ

I feel so much stronger and better physically. Happier to help others because I can now. I sleep better. My diet is getting better; my clothes are looser. Above all I really love working with my personal trainer. She helps me but lets me go at my own pace. This is one of the best things I have done for myself.” -WB

“I needed to be motivated and get a good workout done in a short period of time. I have more energy and think about my health and well-being a lot more. I am doing something for myself and feel great about it! I know I am stronger; even my husband notices, not only my strength but the changes in my body and attitude. Thanks to Kris for your hard work and subtle ways of motivating me.” -TC

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