Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other programs?

Stronger U Nutrition changed the way nutrition coaching was given by looking at what customers really wanted. Now, with Stronger U Fitness we’ve done the same research and figured out why most people think starting and sticking to an exercise routine is so hard. We’ve incorporated expert coaching, precise details, a range of programs to fit most everyone’s needs, and built a community of people just like you on similar exercise (and nutrition) journeys to ensure there are no barriers between you and your goal. We always put our members first and offer the perfect balance of results, community, and service making our nutrition or training a special experience. Our programs are developed by experienced coaches with your best interests in mind. Our community and corporate culture is like nothing out there in terms of knowledge, support, education, and caring.

Will I get a personal coach?

This is community based programming so there isn’t a need for an individual coach. The coaches – Anthony Harder, Dean Guedo, and Mike Doehla – will be providing feedback via the exclusive, members only Stronger U Fitness Facebook community. You’ll also have the benefit of working alongside the entire Stronger U Fitness community which will be a valuable asset to your success.

I want to switch programs. Is that allowed?

You’ll have access to all 4 programs at all times, but we do encourage at least 8-12 weeks of continuous training on one specific plan unless a diet phase change requires it.

What if I can’t do a workout?

You’ll have access to detailed videos of every movement so you’ll never feel like you don’t know how to do something. If you’re still confused or have a question after watching the video, you have the coaches and members in the fitness community to ask any questions.

What if I miss a workout?

That’s alright! Jump right in to the next one. No workout is contingent on the last so you can get right back on track.

What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up you’ll create a username and password allowing entry into the private Stronger U Fitness portal. Within the portal you will have access to each of the 4 programs that have direct links to tutorial videos that’ll guide you through each movement. You’ll also gain access to the private, members only Stronger U Fitness Facebook community.

I want to invite a friend to the group. Can I?

The private members community is only open to current Stronger U Fitness members. If you have a friend that is interested you can direct them to the Stronger U Fitness website or for any questions about joining!

What happens if I need to cancel my subscription?

If you need to cancel for whatever reason send us an email at The process for cancelling is actually done on the user end side of PayPal, the instructions are below:

1.Make sure you are on a COMPUTER when using PayPal to cancel.

2.Click the Settings icon next to “Log out.”

3.Click the Payments tab, then click Manage automatic payments under “Automatic payments.”

4.Select the payment you’d like to cancel, then click Cancel.